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How You Can Do It

There are two major parts to our mission, which are:

1. Take an Orphan to Lunch

2. Help a Neonatal Infant in the Hospital

Here on this site we are involved with ”Take an Orphan to Lunch”

The ”Take an orphan to Lunch” Tour starts by individual appointment at Hotel Julieta in Rivas about 9 AM and ends about 3 PM. For those contributors who cannot pesonally attend,  Julieta goes herself.

Additional options

  1. Buy child school supplies, allow $80 USD

  2. Buy child school uniforms (2 sets) and shoes (2 pair), allow $85 USD

  3.  Buy child, if old enough, a Smart Phone to open the world of possibilities to him/her.

The D.I.M.E.* program –

  1. Typically is more costly and includes group involvement like; ten to thirty orphans going to a pizza restaurant – complete with playground gym – for a pizza or a chicken barbeque party complete with a clown and deserts. The cost to feed, transport and supervise ten orphans is $150+ usd minimum – and for twenty orphans it is $250+ usd minimum.

  1. Features medicine and healthcare essentials assistance for infants in need, especially Neonatal new born. Specific items are procured because the local hospitals and health clinics seldom, if ever, have proper medicines available – and neonatal patients also need pampers, blankets, oils, creams and milk. Patients must buy their own food. A typical neonatal patient would need a minimum of $200 usd,

  1. These D.I.M.E. programs are custom tailored to each situation thus costs vary.

 * D.I.M.E. = Direct Impact Mission Endeavor

GIVE WHATEVER YOU CAN AFFORD AND THINK APPROPRIATE. It is enough – that someone cared enough.

mike and Julieta

Nicaragua Tel (505) 2 – 563 – 3649




Why We Do It

Hotel Help the Orphans (code = HoHeO)


Our charity mission is to help the Neonatal infants, disadvantaged children and orphans learn to help themselves.

In the case of the orphans in Take an Orphan to Lunch;

Help them Help Themselves


We seek to help them – the disadvantaged children and orphans – find and build self esteem, self worth, confidence and self initiative as well as respect and consideration for others of all walks of life. We and other charity missions can offer a few small temporary but essential needs and boosts like a free room, cloths and food – but no one can provide character building, self esteem and motivation for them. So, they must understand that this cones from inside and is up to themselves personally, through their own initiative and desire – if they are to climb out of the deep, dark pit of disenfranchisement, poverty and self guilt (which often accompanies feelings of being abandoned, because of parents’  flight or death). They must depend upon their own Will Power and inner self.

One Child at a Time


To accomplish our mission, our creed is – we can do it one child at a time. That is a starting point. We believe that one well motivated child can serve as a model to motivate other children towards the same goals. This philosophy is especially effective If that one motivated child gradually graduates from vocational school or University with honors and becomes a successful, skilled, well adjusted and productive worker or even a professional, lawyer, doctor or teacher – a role model and one who reaches back and helps other disadvantaged children and orphans.

Mano-a-Mano – Someone Knows Me and Cares – and I Know Them and I Care Too

Our programs are designed to provide a personal, human touch and a sense of one-on-one – where an orphan knows the person who is caring enough to help, offer some small support and wish the best as they provide even a temporary bond between the recipient and the giver. Call it mano-a-mano (Spanish jargon for hand to hand).

If the donor is not able to personally meet with the orphan(s), then a surrogate is selected by the Julieta (Charity Mission HoHeO) and photos and a report is emailed to the donor if the donor wishes. The donor can elect to remain anonymous but also receive the photos and report.

Our Philosophy

We are not directly affiliated with any church or spiritual organizations. We accept all beliefs if peaceful. However, we believe in spirituality, goodness, peace, harmony, sacredness and a supreme being. Our philosophy is simple and our mission just as simple. We want to instill self esteem and worth into the children as well as a determination to excel in whatever they choose in life. We encourage a belief in individual rights, an appreciation of diversity over sameness, the need and importance of thinking – as well as the importance of learning and education forever in life. It is important that they know why they must love, care and respect themselves as well as others. They must learn self-initiative and self-volition. Even though a donor might just spend three or four hours with an orphan, we hope that time is spent reinforcing those common values between the orphan and the donor.

As relates to the Neonatal, we just want to give them a fighting chance at life.

El Patron

When with the children, we always refer to the donor as, El Patron, and then when once on an interactive personal basis we encourage the child to use first or last names with titles (Mr. Mrs. Ms) in formal manner to start the relationship. Donors may adopt the child as a pen pal if they wish but all emails are screened by the orphanage or guardians.


We are not yet a registered 501 (c) (3) but we are a charity mission all the same and we provide accounting reports of donations and expenses upon request of the donors, full transparency.

We need your support …

If you are a not for profit fund. If you or your group are interested in help funding our program – please call or email us.

Mike and Julieta

Tel (505) 2 – 563  – 3649 Nicaragua