Julieta Torrentes Morales

J. Michael King

La Mision HoHeO – a charity mission


Julieta ┬áis a Nicaraguan and resident of Rivas all her life. She is Mike’s adopted daughter.

Together they opened and ran a boutique dress shop with tiny cafe which opened out into the boutique, where she made and served the best cheesecakes and deserts you could compare anywhere. After five years, they sold the boutique and cafe.

They began construction on a tiny tree house like hotel called Hotel Julieta and it has been opened since March 2016.

Twice each year for eight years they alone have sponsored and paid for food and gifts for local orphans and the poor elderly. Mixing the two age groups has been a fruitful experience for both. The experience gained in these events led to this one-on-one type of program called Take an Orphan to Lunch and DIME.

Filing for a registrations as a not for profit 501 (c) (3) is in process in both countries, the USA and Nicaragua.