Help Neonatal Infants in the Hospital

MedAssistTake Medicines to an Orphan in the Hospital


You, the El Patron (or donor), will visit a local hospital in Rivas, Nicaragua with Julieta, who is the program administrator (or her authorized representative). Jointly and together you will determine which child needs what – and select one child. Those unfulfilled needs could be medicines, food, pampers, creams, oils and healthcare stuff (including the cost of an ambulance to a larger better equipped hospital) – those things are not typically supplied by the hospitals or the free healthcare program in Nicaragua.


The El Patron (donor) will set a budget with Julieta who will accompany the El Patron to the hospital, select an infant in need, then to purchase the list of agreed upon items. After acquiring the items, Julieta and El Patron will return to the hospital (or home if in home care) and deliver these necessities to the child or the infant’s doctor – or guardian or parents if deemed responsible. A minimum donation is $200 usd.


Our philosophy is simple. The Neonatal infant deserves a chance at life.


If you cannot come to Rivas, Julieta will act in your behalf. Julieta will prepare and email to you a report accompanied with a few photos of the event.


Note –  in this case disadvantage children with poverty level parent/parents can also participate as recipients.


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Tel (505) 2 – 563 – 3649


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